Baltimore Hon Hive

Hard working women, taking care of their families, and their community.

Baltimore in a Box

Did your job move you away?

Are you homesick?

Longing for a Taste of Home?

Well wait no longer.... order yourself  "Baltimore in a Box"

Cafe Hon

Casual Cuisine, Local Flavor.
Fresh shucked oysters every Friday, September through June.
5pm until the Oysters are gone!

1002 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211

Route One Apparel

Maryland's favorite place to shop state pride. Get all your gear from one place with free shipping over $100. Same day shipping, too!

(FYI - You can get Route One Apparel in a Baltimore in a box in you want)

Disclaimer:  The Baltimore Hon Hive is in no way affiliated with the above mentioned businesses.  They just happen to be some of our FAVORITE things in and around Baltimore, MD.